"Never refuse to REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE."


Our Staffs are experienced and knowledgeable will assist you from your questions to unload. We are just happy guys with big machines. We can't wait to assist you.


In business since 1952, We are one of longest running in recycling business. Not just within our communities, We are now involving internationally..


We assure that highest possible profit to our customers by performing accurate Documentation and Weights. The Pricing is referring to our customer's preference and today's market value.

We Are...

We Are... one of your major buyers & suppliers of non-ferrous scrap metals in Southern California.

For Commecial Support

For Commecial Support For commercial accounts we can deliver a sutiable container to your location to service your needs.

Time Saving

Time Saving Our staff happy to assist you in unloading and sorting your material.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly Feel free to ask us questions or any concern at any time or any place. even our site is mobile friendly...

Cost Effective

Cost Effective Offers cost-effective, eco-friendly and profitable solution of your scrap metals.

convenient Locations

convenient Locations We are conveniently located in 1505 Washington Blvd, Montebello,CA 90640 and 2301 W. 5th St.Santa Ana, CA 92703

This harmful cycle of “buy, discard and upgrade”

a vast majority (82.3%) of e-waste discarded in the U.S. is still ending up in our landfills and incinerators, with only 17.7% going to recyclers.


enact legislation to stop global e-waste dumping.

most recyclers in the U.S. don’t actually recycle your old electronics. Instead, they ship them off to developing countries, causing air and water pollution and exposing people to toxic chemicals because of the unsafe methods used to reclaim precious metals from circuit boards and wires.


Here are 5 tips to get you started:

  • Donate;
  • Re-Purpose;
  • Recycle;
  • Take it back;
  • Don't upgrade!

    We are not just caring about how much we collecting scraps. We are caring about how we serve to keep our city clean...

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  • Recycling Scraps

    Recycle all scraps and properly sorting them and legislatively compliant electronics recovery and recycling services.

  • Focusing on ECO-SYTEM

    Installing StormWater System.


    help you to obtain the highest diversion rates possible on your construction, demolition and deconstruction projects.


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Posted on August 18, 2011
Each year EPA publishes the “Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in the United States” characterization report, which provides the most recent available data on annual US waste generation, recycling, and ..
proposed Coal Combustion Residuals rule
Posted on August 18, 2011
Over the past two months, we’ve travelled across the country to hold eight public hearings on the proposed Coal Combustion Residuals rule. We’ve heard compelling stories from people of all walks ..



With more than a half century of experience, 

General Metal Recycling Co. promises 

  • The best and profitable solution of your scrap metals.
  • Offers cost-effective
  • Offering Commercial account pickup service at no charge with a decent quantity.
  • We are focusing on "ECO-FRIENDLY" environment.




An antigarbage strategy known as “zero waste” is moving from the fringes to the mainstream, taking hold in school cafeterias, national parks, restaurants and corporations.


Seattle now recycles 44 percent of its trash, compared with the national average of around 30 percent, which makes it a major player in big city waste recovery.


The New York City Council overwhelmingly passed a bill requiring large stores and retail chains to collect and recycle the plastic bags they give to shoppers.

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